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Jarann Consulting, LLC is a technology-based consulting organization founded by Bruce Gerber on April 1, 2001. Based in Columbus, Ohio, Jarann Consulting services are available to individuals and businesses that want to solidify their technological foundation. Our logo comprises of two building blocks designed to symbolize this committment to building a solid foundation. Although the organization itself is relatively new, Jarann Consulting still posseses extensive experience in helping individuals and companies leverage technology and become more efficient.

At the core of Jarann Consulting is the belief that people are most successful when able to do both what they like to do, and what they are good at doing. We recognize time as a critical commodity. The origin of the name, Jarann, serves as a reminder of this. Jarann is a combination of the first names of Bruce's two oldest childern. Making time for the vital facets of life, especially family, is of utmost importance for our clients as much as for ourselves. We can assist in making your operation more efficent and save youtime in the long run.

Our expertise is in knowing how to best use technology to solve business problems. This is what we know best and also what we enjoy doing with a passion. The goal of Jarann Consulting is to form a working partnership with with our clients. We assume the responsibility for building and helping to maintain your foundation in technology. We enjoy doing it, and our track record speaks of many successful efforts. This parntership allows our clients to concentrate their time and energy on those things they are best at and enjoy most.

At Jarann Consulting, we will always focus on solutions that are in the best interest of our clients. Our mission is to support our clients and their technological concerns with friendly, efficient, and proper service. We make every attempt to treat our clients as we would like to be treated. Also, we strive to provide the best possible service, business solutions, and training programs in accordance with the needs of our clients.


Bruce Gerber - Founder & President

Bruce is a 1984 graduate of Orrville High School. In 1988, Bruce earned a degree in Mathematics with an emphasis in Computer Programming from Kenyon College in Gambier, Ohio. While attending Kenyon, Bruce was a 4-year member of the varsity Basketball team.

Following Kenyon, Bruce joined Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield as a financial underwriter and systems analyst. After 6 years in the health insurance field, Bruce transferred to Anthem Life Insurance Company where his financial underwriting background was utilized in his role to enhance automation of underwriting.

In 1997, Bruce began working for TDCI Consulting to further advance his software development skills. In early 2000, Bruce joined Smart Business Systems as an intermediary step before starting Jarann Consulting.

Bruce brings extensive experience to Jarann Consulting in developing database driven software applications and internet solutions. Through the many successful development projects Bruce has participated in, he has had the opportunity to fulfill multiple roles on a project team including programming, system design, project manager, quality assurance, training, writing documentation, and system implementation.

In addition to his professional career, Bruce has served as an assistant basketball coach at Upper Arlington High School since 1994. Bruce and his wife, Grace, have three children, Jaret, Anna, and Lauren. The name, Jarann, is derived from combining the first three letters of Jaret and Anna's names.


Created website for local basketball, fitness, and training center. The website is built using a Microsoft Access database along with HTML, Active Server Pages (ASP), and VBScript. A special administrative site was created and password protected so site updates could be made from any computer with access to the Internet.

Developed e-commerce application for a regional company to market Step2 products on the Internet. The website manages product images, prices, and descriptions along with handling prices for shipping and taxes. Real-time credit card processing is handled through the website's Shopping Cart feature. The website was built using third-party development software to minimize development time and cost, but was customized extensively to fit the specific needs of the client.

Designed Microsoft Access database application to organize the keeping of statistics for a local weekend softball tournament. The database provides for efficient entry of all game statistics and includes various reports to display results and statistics for both teams and individuals. Created a tournament website using HTML, Active Server Pages (ASP), and VBScript along with thedatabase as its foundation to display all the results and statistics. The database and website were designed so that upon completion of the annual tournament, the website can be update with the new information by simply replacing the database from the priot year with the new database.

Created website for the coaching staff of a local high school basketball team as a communication device between coaches, players, and parents. The website is built using a Microsoft Access database along with HTML, Active Server Pages (ASP), and VBScript. A special administrative site was created and password protected so site updates could be made from any computer with access to the Internet.

Part of a team of developers responsible for maintaining and enhancing an E-Commerce application used by a manufacturing company and their North American distribution system to order products. The system was built originally using an Oracle database, but was converted to SQL Server. The system combines HTML, Active Server Pages (ASP), and Active-X code written in VBScript and Visual Basic. Active-X forms are accessed in the system and completed by users. The ASP code provides for the navigation between the forms and communication with the database. Initially, learned the system while serving as the single technical support contact.

Project Manager/Software Developer responsible for rewriting and enhancing a system to track reimbursement requests for manufacturing parts under warranty. The new system was developed in Visual Basic using an Oracle database. Reporting functionality was integrated into the application using Crystal Reports. Worked closely with current users in understanding the requirements of the application. Used this understanding in developing screen design and system flow. Utilized Oracle for data management by creating and modifying tables, creating report views, and writing SQL scripts to convert data from the previous system. Tested the system thoroughly to verify that user requirements were being exceeded. Conducted user training classes prior to implementing the system. Created a user manual and integrated it into the application as a help system using HTML. Produced detailed system documentation and met with IS staff members to transfer knowledge regarding application design. Project management tasks included developing a project plan, managing the scope of the project, monitoring task estimates versus actuals, distributing weekly progress reports, conducting bi-weekly status meetings, and creating databases in Microsoft Access to document development issues and user testing.

Webmaster for annual basketball tournaments run by a local organization. Designed a Microsoft Access database for keeping track of game results and pairings. Updated results daily to keep the information on the website as current as possible. Also designed the format to display the tournament brackets so they would display quickly and look professional. Technical support issues were handled through regular monitoring of e-mail.

Developed multi-user Microsoft Access database for a manufacturing company to track critical documents that need to be submitted by sales and the shop floor. Automated daily e-mail notifications are sent to departments failing to submit the required information. The system also includes a tool for generating customized reports to assist in meeting quality control guidelines.

Client/server developer responsible for maintaining and supporting a Visual Basic application for an engineering department in a manufacturing company that automated selection of multiple configurations for uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems. The application was built around a Microsoft Access database and utilized Crystal Reports for handling reporting and graphing. The application was made available for sales offices across the country via the Internet. Running the application directly off a website eliminated the need for coordinating distribution of the database when changes were made.

Client/server developer responsible for maintaining and supporting a Visual Basic application used by the legal department of a large multi-lines insurance company. Using a Microsoft Access database, the system managed information for various types of legal cases handled. Reporting was managed in Access via OLE Automation.

Client/server developer responsible for maintaining and supporting a commercial software package that provides property information for economic development organizations. The application design implemented OLE Automation technology for a client/server interface. The client application was developed using Visual Basic while the server application was developed using Visual Basic and an Access database. Printing and report processing were implemented in Access via OLE Automation.

Created a Visual Basic application used to synchronize data between a manufacturing company's ERP software package and a customized quality control system. Triggers were added to the quality control system, a Visual Basic program using an Oracle database, validated for accuracy, and sent to the ERP Progress database through the synchronization program. The synchronization program was designed to run constantly and it also read information from Progress via ODBC connections directly into the quality control Oracle database.

Client/server developer responsible for coding custom enhancements to an integrated manufacturing software package according to customer requirements. The enhancements included creation and modification of online menus, reports, data entry screens, database tables, and data conversion. Used Progress, a 4GL development tool set and database.

Project leader responsible for coordination, enhancement and implementation of a life insurance application developed with Visual Basic and a SQL Server database. The system is used to generate health and life insurance rate proposals for sales offices in Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky. Primary responsibilities included design of input screens and output reports, system testing for rate calculation accuracy, and writing on-line documentation.

Designed, enhanced and supported a renewal system which imports data from a mainframe administration system, calculates renewal rates for existing business, updates renewal rates and generates client and broker renewal letters. The system was developed in Visual Basic and an Access database. Responsible for design of system flows, screens and reports, monthly download of data from the mainframe, generation of renewal letters, upload of data for rate updates, and development of all system revisions and enhancements.

Programmer/Analyst on a project to develop an automated storage system. The system was used to assist in tracking inventory at multiple off-site locations. Involved in all phases of the project lifecycle including training employees to understand the new process flow.

Programmer/Analyst responsible for developing an invoice tracking system, which generates invoices and tracks the reconciliation. Unreconciled invoices are flagged and follow-up letters are generated. Designed, programmed and tested the system as well as supplied training and detailed system documentation.

Designed, programmed, tested and implemented a claims turnaround system. The system tracks claims inventory and generates reports for the company president detailing claims payment targets. Extensive data entry is associated with this application, so data entry screens were created to maximize efficiency. Also responsible for training employees, installing the system, and preparing detailed system documentation.

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